1. prismahaus said: Favorite minerals?

    We have them listed on our ‘Meet the Owners' page, but for Caelen their favorites are: Dioptase, Goethite, Eilate Stone, Malachite, Labradorite, and Fire Agate though this hasn't been updated in a while and they might say they like some different stones now. This kinda goes for myself as well, I'm a very big fan of Ajoite included Quartz, Tabular Wulfenite, and Bumblebee Jasper :3

  2. Backlit specimen of Almandine Garnets in Graphite. Very cool!

    (Source: treasuremountainmining.com)

  3. Scepter Smoky Quartz
    Hallelujah Junction, Nevada

    (Source: exceptionalminerals.com)

  4. Azurite 
    El Cobra Mine, Mexico

    (Source: trinityminerals.com)

  5. Botryiodal Glaucocerenite
    Serpieri Mine, Greece

    (Source: treasuremountainmining.com)

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    (via radiant-prism)

  7. The youtube video for the stunning Ethiopian Fire Opal!

    (Source: treasuremountainmining.com)

  8. Beautiful Ethiopian Fire Opal!

    (Source: treasuremountainmining.com)

  9. Iridescent Green Mexican Obsidian Arrowhead

    (Source: woodyblackwell.com)

  10. Topaz with Bixbyite from Solar Wind Claim, Utah

    (Source: danweinrich.com)

  11. Quartz with phantoms of Hematite coating an earlier phase of the crystal growth. There are also small clusters of Epidote on the points.

    (Source: mineralatlas.com)

  12. underthescopemin:

    Colorful and sparkling specimen of Chalcopyrite iridescent in glittering purple, yellow, blue, and green. Chalcopyrite are lustrous and strongly light reflective. White Dolomite crystals grow on the base.

  13. Boulder Opal

    (Source: opalauctions.com)

  14. Blue-grey Brazilian Agate geode. Weighs 1,532.00 lbs!!!

    (Source: bigquartz.com)

  15. Polished golden Pyrite sphere with crystals inside vugs!

    (Source: treasuremountainmining.com)