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  2. Help



    On Facebook is a fake name but it is
    Ahdsv Hajvd

    This kid is harassing my partner and potentially leaked her personal video on reddit.

    He’s being extremely inappropriate and manipulative. We need to make him stop.

    Signal boost the shit out of this

    Normally we don’t post this stuff, but it’s personal and this kind of behavior is completely unacceptable. Our partner needs this guy gone. She doesn’t deserve what he’s doing to her.

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  3. mispooktaaaa said: thank you for being such a cool blog!! :)

    c: Thank you so very much for the compliment! Sorry for the lack of new posts, I’ll work on that tomorrow. Very busy with our new job!

  4. Torbernite
    Margabal, France

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  5. Ocean Jasper Cabochon

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  7. I’ll be setting up a large queue tomorrow during my lunch break!
    I’ll include all the follower requests I didn’t get to last time as well! Sorry for the inactivity. Both me and Caelen have a full time job now so we are trying to balance out when is the best time to get things done. c:

    If anyone has any crystal questions, submissions of their own photos, would like to start on a custom order for RadiantPrism or would like to leave more follower requests I can start answering questions and adding a couple of things to the queue now!

    Also thank you to all the new followers <3<3<3

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  8. Blue Barite

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  9. lladystoneheart said: I like the love with wings glass tube with opal shards in it it looked like but I can't find it on your etsy!

    It sold already! Apologies on that! :c If you really liked it we can get more tubes to make more of them and we’ll hold one aside for you.

  10. Shiny silver Dyscrasite crystals with Allergentum in Calcite from Morocco

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  11. prismahaus said: Favorite minerals?

    We have them listed on our ‘Meet the Owners' page, but for Caelen their favorites are: Dioptase, Goethite, Eilate Stone, Malachite, Labradorite, and Fire Agate though this hasn't been updated in a while and they might say they like some different stones now. This kinda goes for myself as well, I'm a very big fan of Ajoite included Quartz, Tabular Wulfenite, and Bumblebee Jasper :3

  12. Backlit specimen of Almandine Garnets in Graphite. Very cool!

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  13. Scepter Smoky Quartz
    Hallelujah Junction, Nevada

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  14. Azurite 
    El Cobra Mine, Mexico

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  15. Botryiodal Glaucocerenite
    Serpieri Mine, Greece

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