1. saferespekk:

    Chalcopyrite on dolomite

  2. Hematite and Rutile inside Quartz from Novo Horizonte, Brazil

    (Source: auction3.mineral-auctions.com)

  3. radiant-prism:

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  4. Honey colored cube of Fluorite with dark phantoms inside the crystal.
    Clay Center, Ohio

    (Source: auction3.mineral-auctions.com)

  5. Reticulated Cerussite

    (Source: crystalclassics.co.uk)

  6. VERY bright and gemmy Lightning Ridge Black Opal.

    (Source: opalauctions.com)

  7. Chalcopyrite and Covellite
    Gidurska mine, Bulgaria

    (Source: quebulfineminerals.com)

  8. Stunning Elbaite Tourmaline in Lepidolite!

    (Source: Flickr / childofatlas)

  9. Orthoclase with a lattice pattern inclusions of llmenite and Hematite.
    The inclusions are actually dark but when light hits the stone at just the right angels it shines with beautiful iridescence!
    Harts Range, Australia

    (Source: auction3.mineral-auctions.com)

  10. Malachite after Azurite

    (Source: danweinrich.com)

  11. Ocean Jasper Cabochon

    (Source: samsilverhawk.com)

  12. Iridescent Pyrite sun on Slate

    (Source: Flickr / woodsstoneworksandphotofactory)

  13. flameovereffectminerals:


    Bi - 1.CA.05(Strunz) 
    (from Germany, grown lab)

    Here we have some Native bismuth ‘crystals’. They form as a ‘hopper’ type of crystal network. They have a bright metallic luster and show a beautiful iridescent rainbow play of colors. Bismuth is the last element to decay in the universe. The average life of an estimated 20 trillion years. It is equally rare in the crust than gold.

  14. hypnale-arts:

    My internet connection was not cooperating  so I drew some gemstone spiders instead. I´ve been sort of obsessed with learning how to draw shiny surfaces and these were fun to make

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  15. Six fossilized Brittlestars preserved in hard Siltstone from the Jurassic period.
    Eype, United Kingdom

    (Source: fossilsdirect.co.uk)